Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

in San Antonio

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

in San Antonio


Traditional Shaolin

Kung Fu

Instruction in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. All martial arts under heaven originated from Shaolin. Kung Fu classes in San Antonio. We also offer Kung Fu for kids.


Traditional Forms

Instruction in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu forms - a full range of combat training based on the philosophy of "Gong Fu". Come for martial arts classes in San Antonio.


Weapons Training

Instruction in weapons, such as knife, fan, staff, sword, and more. Weapons training in San Antonio, TX.



Self-defense classes for men, women, and children. All levels of skill and age train with us and are welcome here. We have martial arts classes for children and young adults.




About Shifu

Shi Xing Wei

32nd Generation Disciple of Shaolin, San Antonio, Texas Martial Arts Teacher and weapons expert.

My study of the martial arts began at the age of three.  Growing up, I continued to explore various systems of martial arts. I first began teaching at 16 when my teacher at the time left the country. I had fallen so in love with  martial arts that I rallied the students and began teaching until the Grandmaster found a new teacher. The experience of teaching awoke something in me even deeper in regards to my passion for the martial arts.


For a total of 39 years, I have trained in and explored the following systems: Taekwondo (5 years); Muay Thai/Muay Boran (2 years); Taiji (3 years); Kajukenbo (2 years); Capoeira (7 years); Filipino martial arts (10 years); Western boxing (2 years); and lastly Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (23 years), and I have been teaching Martial Arts for 26 years. In 2007, I received my discipleship of 32nd Generation Shaolin. I was given the name Shi Xing Wei by Grandmaster Shi De Shan, a 31st Generation monk of the Shaolin monastery.




 Every Sunday from 2-4

Starting September 2021

Yaping Zhang leads an interactive class with personal attention to students. Mandarin for business and professionals! Space is limited to 8 people, sign up now.



Christian Fuentes, a student of Shifu Shi Xing Wei, came back from the London Martial Arts Olympic Games sporting three Gold Medals!

Christian faced some stiff competition; top competitors came from all over the world to participate. Christian won a Gold Medal in Chinese Traditional Open Hand, Chinese Traditional Short Weapon, and Chinese Traditional Long Weapon. 

Christian teaches children's Kung Fu at Martial Arts Wellness Group. To sign up for classes, just come in!



Christian and Karla, students of Shifu Shi Xing Wei, went to Orlando, FL, for the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship. Each came back with a medal!

A Bronze medal and a silver medal were claimed on behalf of our Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu School in San Antonio.

Christian teaches children's Kung Fu at Martial Arts Wellness Group. To sign up for classes, just come in!