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Sifu Shi Xing Wei

32nd Generation Shaolin Disciple

Martial Arts Teacher and Weapons Expert

My study of the martial arts began at the age of three.  Growing up, I continued to explore various systems of martial arts. I first began teaching at 16 when my teacher at the time left the country. I had fallen so in love with  martial arts that I rallied the students and began teaching until the Grandmaster found a new teacher. The experience of teaching awoke something in me even deeper in regards to my passion for the martial arts.


For a total of 23 years, I have trained in and explored the following systems: Taekwondo (5 years); Muay Thai/Muay Boran (2 years); Taiji (3 years); Kajukenbo (2 years); Capoeira (7 years); Filipino martial arts (5 years); Western boxing (2 years); and lastly Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (20 years). In 2007, I received my discipleship of 32nd Generation Shaolin. I was given the name Shi Xing Wei by Grandmaster Shi De Shan, a 31st Generation monk of the Shaolin monastery.


Coach Malik

Jiao Lian

Student of Shi Xing Wei, 32nd Generation Shaolin Disciple and Martial Arts Teacher

Malik has trained for over 17 years in Traditional Shao Lin Kung Fu, conditioning, free sparring (San da) and weapons. He is currently training under Shifu Shi Xing Wei, disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Shan 31st Generation Monk of Shao Lin Temple. He also trains T’ai Chi Ch’uan under Shifu Kirma. He brings an enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere to conditioning and learning self-defense. He takes these disciplines seriously and injects the same discipline and drive into his classes and students.


Christian Fuentes

Da Shi Xong

Student of Shi Xing Wei, 32nd Generation Shaolin Disciple and Martial Arts Teacher

Christian has been studying with Shifu for over 5 years, training in Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda, Xing Yi, Filipino Martial Arts, Qi Gong, and other various modalities. He teaches the children's martial arts classes at the Martial Arts Wellness Center.

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